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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


He fell asleep while playing and staring at the t.v. Like father, like son...

His first time in the exersaucer- he's a little small for it, but loved staring at all of the toys!

Gramma and I took him to visit his Great-Papa. We had a great time!

Finding his toes after a bath for the 1st time...

My attempt at some Fall photos.

An early morning - he fell back asleep on his changing table.

He appears tough...actually is blowing raspberries.

Notice the mohawk - a result of the above hat.

He loves his carrier - I was carrying him around while cleaning and he fell asleep.

We didn't want to wake him while laying him down so he napped with it still on.

Learning to situp...and fall back over

He fell asleep near the end of a sweet potato dinner. Notice the food still in his mouth.