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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

another waiting game...

Well, the insurance is working itself out. I shouldn't actually say that, the insurance is being worked out due to Derek and I spending a lot of time making phonecalls, getting all sorts of different answers as to what next steps should be, doing all of the suggested next steps and making more phone calls. But at this point, UofM called and said they have authorization for the first 4 days, which at least gets us through the surgery. We'll deal with money when we need to but for the time being I'm happy just to get the surgery done.

That said, we were able to reschedule the surgery, however Evan's surgeon is on vacation for much of July and would like to be there for all of his post op. So, his surgery now is not until August 11.

So, we wait, again. And I continue to wait for my computer to get fixed, hopefully in the next couple of days so I can actually be productive with work. And put up posts that include pics of our (not so little) Evan. I mean, really, we need to set some priorities here.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

surgery update

Hi all. I wanted to give you the update on surgery. All went well with the pre-op appointments on Thursday. However, we received a phone call from the hospital on our way home. Our insurance told them that the hospital is out of network, and we don't have out of network coverage, s0 they would not cover the surgery. We had to cancel the surgery for the time being. Very frustrating.

Good news though moving forward, Derek's HR rep was on the phone with Cigna Thursday evening, and we have received word that they will call the hospital on Monday and that they will cover the surgery. Hopefully we can reschedule for later in the week. The other half of the problems stem from equipment availability at UofM. There's a machine called ECMO, basically if things didn't go well in surgery, this comes into play to work as a patients heart and lungs outside of the operating room. Due to high pneumonia occurrences stemming from the Swine Flu, a lot of these machines are being used. If one is not available, surgery doesn't happen. Not likely that we would need it, but still a safety net. At U0fM we learned that all of the surgeries on Monday were cancelled already due to this, except for Evans. If someone went on the last one Sunday, they would have still cancelled.

So, Monday we should have the insurance cleared up, then we hope the ECMO usage is down so that Evan will be able to get scheduled.

I'll keep updated as I can. However, I currently am without computer so may be slow with updates. This weekend we're enjoying family and friends, while celebrating the 4th of July and hope you're doing the same!