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Thursday, December 17, 2009

an early Christmas present

Evan had his cardiologist check up today, they did all of the usual tests to find that everything looks exceptional. :) Dr. Loker was very pleased, and we don't have to return for 6months!! I also had my 12 week checkup yesterday, and heard baby #2's heartbeat - 166, nice and strong.

Life is wonderful this holiday season, we are so thankful.

We're not sure that we're thankful that apparently toddler habits are genetic. He's picked up the below from me.*

* as a toddler, I've tried to refrain in more recent years

We hope you're enjoying your family and the season this Christmas, we certainly are!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

long overdue...

So, my promise of pictures in a week turned into...well, months. Life has been busy, Evan is doing great. He's busy running, yelling, dancing, reading books, vrooming cars and asking 'what dat' for most of his awake hours. Consequently, my day is spent chasing Evan, requesting a 'please' rather than screams, hosting dance parties, reading books, stepping on cars, and answering with whatever Evan happens to be pointing at.

Enjoy some photos of our last couple of months!

Ready to head home...
On our way...

1st Haircut.



Playing with Carter.

Surveying dinner options.

Fascinated by the squirrel.

Derek started a tradition that when I travel for work, he brings home cookies.
This boy loves cookies!

Cutest little dragon I know.

Evan's friend, Jack. Lots of Halloween kisses between them!

Playing with cousins Anna and Rachel

I sometimes fondly remember when meals consisted of just a bottle.
We're now busy getting into the Christmas season. Painted all weekend, carpet getting installed tomorrow, then a Christmas tree finally this weekend.
Busy loving life, and loving this little miracle.