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Sunday, August 10, 2008

2 Months Old Already!

Evan's 2nd month of life was much less eventful than his first...thankfully! Here are some highlights/accomplishments/things I've learned...

A visit to Aunt Aimee, Uncle Ryan and cousins Anna and Elijah's house

All sorts of smiles and coos. I'm also learning to hold my head up pretty well (for short periods anyway)

I enjoy eating my fist. On occasion, I will find my thumb, but generally just go after the whole thing. I also have outsmarted the pacifier - try to give it to me and I will just scream louder. We're all thankful he has his hand...

I love bathtime and wish I could stay in there forever...

I really don't like getting out of the bath.

I also don't enjoy family photos.

I'm very handsome all dressed up for church

I love my mom...
and like to yell at my dad... but I love him too

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