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Friday, May 29, 2009

Round Two.

The catherization went fine, Evan did great. They found that his pulmonary pressures are at about 70 % of his blood pressures. They also found his lung resistance was a little high. I'm still figuring out what that exactly means, but basically his lungs aren't relaxing like they should. End result, is Evan needs surgery within the next couple of months.

Good news, the ECHO does show tissue around his mitral valve. There's a good chance that Dr. Devaney will be able to scrape that tissue away and allow more blood flow through the valve. He also may be able to work with other, regular tissue to manipulate it some. However, the end result of that could be too much leakiness which would also mean a new valve.

I may have more news next week, but based on working with Dr. Devaney before and what we heard today, he won't really know what he'll do until he's in there and is able to see the valve and surrounding area. The last surgery only had him on the right side of his heart, so he has not seen his valve at all. News next week should be at least a surgery date. At some point, hopefully next week, we'll have a phone consult with Dr. Devaney and can learn a bit more about what the surgery entails. We do know that regardless, it will be another open chest surgery.

Not the news we wanted, but as with all things, we know this was not a surprise for God. Evan is the same as he was yesterday, and now we are fortunate to know these things and do something about it. Dr. Devaney may not know what he's going to do when he opens Evan up, but God does. He knows the result of it all. We have trust in that and continue to leave our trust in Him.

Our prayers worked before and God worked a miracle. We urge you to continue to pray. Both for Evan, and for Derek and I as we coop through this. Evan won't remember any of this, which we are so fortunate for. We'll keep you updated as we can.

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