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Saturday, August 15, 2009

24 hours in the life.

Friday, 10:00am - playing outside, hamming it up for the crowd.
Friday, 1:00pm - sleeping peacefully, waiting to go back for surgery.Saturday, 9:00am - off the vent, snoozing in a room with a view.
Life is good.
Evan's doing great - he went off the vent last night around 12:30am. Pressures are good, he went off dopamine (pressure med) this afternoon. On Lasix to get rid of fluid, which he's peeing great. He's been sucking down as much Pedialyte as we'll give him (8 oz so far). Napping peacefully, even clapping at one point in his sleep. He's in a private PICU room, so it's nice and quiet, even with a view of the courtyard below. His nurses are wonderful (as always!) and we've been spending the day by his side. Looks like he should be out of the PICU by Monday (yah!) and hopefully home later in the week.
Life is great.

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