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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday morning update (with pics!)

Evan continues to do well. Last night I stayed his room with him. A bit of excitement early on...around midnight, he threw up some really curdled milk, then while flailing afterwards, pulled his 2nd IV of the day out. It bled a lot, and at first glance, I thought it was his chest tube... a little chaos followed and we realized it was just the IV. About scared me to death though (and a couple of nurses too I think...) So, he had his 2nd linen change, then a 3rd when at the end he peed over everything, and cashed out for the night. He did great, no oxygen needed all night long!

This morning he had his chest tube removed, along with his 'just in case' pacemaker wires. He just switched to oral pain meds (off of the morphine, onto Oxycodone). They also cut out one of his IV diuretics, and is stretching his Lasix out further. Tomorrow he should switch to oral Lasix, which means no more tubes! That also means, a discharge of Wednesday if it all continues to go well!!! :) In case you're counting, that's only 5 DAYS after surgery! WOW!!

Derek and I took him for a stroll a little bit ago, and he's now resting with a bottle and Baby Einstein, He's very relaxed today and much more with it. Ate some Cheerios, gave us some claps, high fives and even a 'so big'. We're so thankful for his continued good health, and fast healing while here. Please continue praying for continued healing so we can get out little boy home!!


Phil and Beth said...

Thanks for the pics. He looks good! Love you!

LPlotts said...

LOVE the pictures! So glad he's doing well! Can't wait until he's able to come home ~ the boys ask about their Big Boy Evan every day.